Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

We decided to stay at home for Easter Sunday and just be lazy. We started the morning off with the girls Easter baskets, they loved everything especially the candy. We then setup their pool on the back deck and we let the water heat up for several hours. The girls loved the pool until we turned on the sprinkler, that water was extremely cold but they still had fun. I'm sure one day they'll repay for all the water dumping but that's ok, we look forward to it.
Loot! Nana and Grand Daddy bought us Sandals, sippy cups, and some big girl utensils!
Mom and Dad bought all the junk food!

Yummy Peeps!

I might be able to get it all in!

Just tear it apart, it's easier!

Anything left?


Fun in the sun!

That's Cold!
Going into shock!

Cold Daddy!

Anna's turn!

Time to rest!

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