Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011 Egg Hunt

We had such a wonderful day with the girls. We took them to the park downtown to hunt for Easter egg's. Nana and Grand Daddy and Peyton and Parker my nephews came too. Parker was all into hunting for some eggs but Peyton was tired of hunting eggs this year so he decided to help the girls hunt for theirs instead. We had a blast!

This is their loot for Easter morning. Of course we gave them a ton of candy, we added some fun playdo in the mix as well.

we tried to get a good pic of all three of us but it's hard with 2 year olds LOL These are flowers that John got me for Easter, I was do surprised!

Parker hunting eggs!

Peyton watching the girls dig in!


Grand Daddy and Peyton

Anna wanted to help Parker find his eggs!

Sara just wanted to eat her candy!

The girls turn to hunt for eggs!

All tired after running around after eggs!

I have to make a very special note to Collie Ollie Designs, she made the dresses that the girls are wearing. I won one from entering a giveaway over at Magical Memories and i had to order another one since I have twins. I love them, they are so well made and fit perfectly. They should even get to wear them again next summer. You must go check out her etsy shop you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to see them running around on the beach in these dresses.

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  1. Happy Easter Danielle! Thank you so much for your kind words toward Collie Ollie. I love all of the pictures and it looks like you guys had a blast today.

    Take care and I'm ready to order some bows!



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