Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Votes Needed

Hello Everyone,

  I want to tell you about a remarkable lady that I work with. She was in a horrible car accident and almost lost her life. Through exercise and will power she has completely recovered from her injuries and is living a wonderful healthy life that inspires me daily. Please read her story below and follow the link to vote for her photo in Fitness magazine.

Recovery Thru Fitness

Submitted by: sonjamqueen

My most important fitness accomplishment was regaining my life thru exercise/strength training after a severe auto accident. There were numerous injuries/obstacles to overcome. Doctors said I would need surgery and would not be able to do certain things, like picking up over 20 lbs. and I had a 3 & 6 yr old. I couldn¿t imagine not being able to do simple every day things. When I was brought to the ER, I flat-lined so obviously I¿m here for a reason, so giving up wasn¿t an option. Once I was able to move on my own, I slowly started to walk. Figured one step at a time would add up. Sure I had set backs, pain of doing daily things were overwhelming at times. Exercise had been a way of life since I was 17 so I knew I had to get my muscles working again to recover. Slowly I began rebuilding, both physically and mentally. Amazing how cardio exercise changes a negative emotion into a calming ¿I can do anything¿ mentality. Weight training allowed me to strengthen and rebuild muscle. Things that I couldn¿t do well due to my injuries got better. Not only did I NOT have surgery, I exceeded MY goals. It¿s our choice to stay strong & fit so we can endure things that come our way. Exercise makes the difference in how I feel about me, a secret I discovered long ago. It¿s my ¿anti-depressant, feel good, I¿m in control, yes I can¿ secret thru physical recovery, heartaches, divorces and everyday stresses of life. I hope this will give encouragement to anyone facing difficulties.

Go HERE to vote for Sonja's beautiful photo and story of inspiration!

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