Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun Trip To The Doctor's

So, I just thought my week was getting better. I picked the girls up at day care and they were both running fevers. Our sitter was carrying Anna out because she had been sleeping. My child does not sleep at 5:30pm unless something is wrong. So our sitter suggested we take them to Urgent Care to see what they have. They close at 6pm, so here we go on a mad dash to grab my mom and get to the office before 6pm. Once we got there they told me that they could not use the girls insurance cards so I told them I'd pay upfront to get them seen. They're more important than money. So we get back there and do strep tests, good grief you'd think we killed them. It took me and two nurses to pry Sara's mouth open to swab her throat. All we had to do with Anna is lay her down, she started screaming so it was easier to get the swab. Good news test came back negative. However, they both have major ear infections so we got tons of strong antibiotics to take care of it. After we left we head to Ruby Tuesday's where more the first time in 3 days Anna actually eats her food. Yippie

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