Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glee Tuesday's Episode (Sexy)

Ok, I am a huge fan of Glee. I think the music and singing is awesome. Last night's episode however was a bit too adult like for teenage viewers. It should have come on at 10pm. I love the fact that this show may help kids open up and talk to their parents more. It deals with a lot of issues that I know from personal experience is hard to deal with as a kid. If you haven't watched you need to get the pilot and watch it, I was hooked the moment they started singing Journey songs, LOL My husband and I both love it so more quality time spent with him, which is always a bonus.


  1. OHHHH I so agree with you. I love Glee. One of my fav shows to look at now.

    I found your blog from your SIL's post. Very happy that I found you. :)


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