Monday, March 14, 2011


Ok, so my husband started working for Amway about six months ago. If you don't know Amway it's a company that sells everything from makeup to cleaning supplies. He asked me nicely to give him a shout out on here so, here's my shout out. Please go here and browse the many selections of products. All the products are earth friendly and good for you, no harmful chemicals. Below are my favorites that I've tried and love and still use LOL

This is the skin care system I use and it's wonderful!

This is the foundation, it's the only one I've used that stays on all day.
And this is the cleaning bundle we bought six months ago, some of the containers are still half way full. Even with weekly usage, a little goes a long way. All earth friendly and most important kid friendly.


  1. Your family is precious!!!

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